TAD Events

The TAD multiplier events – Accessibility in the tourism sector


Date: Wednesday 13 November 2019
Venue: VisitFlanders, Brussels, Belgium
Time: 10h00 to 13h15 + light lunch (ending at 14.00)

Main topics:   

  • Skills requirements for accessible tourism service providers and destinations
  • Vocational Education and Training for the Tourism Sector
  • The TAD project: training programme and supporting tools (e-learning)
  • Benefits for Belgian tourism sector and the EU

The Accessible Tourism Training Multiplier Event, organised in Belgium by ENAT, with the kind support of VisitFlanders and VisitBrussels, presented the TAD project outcomes.

Training providers and tourism entrepreneurs also presented their work in the area of accessible tourism. Moreover, the event gave participants the opportunity to network with each other, sharing their experiences and stimulating new cooperation.

The event enabled 60 participants, mainly Belgian students and tourism providers, to become familiar with accessible tourism, its aims and some of the best practices in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe.

The event was followed by a light “networking” lunch, offered by the TAD project. Speakers’ presentations can be downloaded in PDF format from the ENAT website.

Bluebook – Italy

Date: Thursday 7 November 2019
Venue: Copernico Garibaldi, Turin, Italy
Time: 16.30h00 to 19h30 + dinner (ending at 22.00)

Bluebook hosted the final multiplier event – “Save the date to discover TAD: The Ability Advisor” – in Turin on November 7, 2019 at Copernico Garibaldi, a co-working space in the centre of the city. 

Sixty people participated in the meeting: VET providers, public organisations, students who tested the course and people representing private companies.  

Four stakeholder organisations – CPD, Turismo Torino, AIC and Cityfriend* – took part in the event as speakers; the people who tested the course acted as testimonials presenting their experience and their feedback to the public. 

Following, it has been organised a “Blind dinner” in collaboration with the UIC – Italian Blind Union: a gastronomic journey to experience the residual senses abilities and a celiac dinner. In both dinners trained staff focused on explanations for participants.

* CPD is one of the main organisations, at local and regional level, operating in the context of tourism for all; Turismo Torino is the public institution of reference for tourism in the area of the metropolitan city of Turin; AIC is the national celiac association while Cityfriend is a startup: a community of people operating on the territory to welcome tourists with special needs.  

Link to the event announcement on Bluebook website. 

The TAD small events

Bluebook – Italy

Date: Friday 6 December 2019
Venue: Bosso Monti Institute, Via Antonio Meucci, 9 – Turin, Italy

On December 6, 2019 Bluebook managed a serie of small events at Bosso Monti institute in Turin  presenting the project to a total number of about 60 people, including students and teachers of the touristic education and training course. 

Main topics  

  • The Erasmus+ programme: opportunity for VET providers and people.
  • The TAD project: training programme and supporting tools (e-learning).
  • Focus on Accessibility in the touristic communication system.

The topics have been presented by the medium of interactive tools: a game-based learning platform (Kahoot); puns and other games to effective involving the participants and let them learning by playing.    


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